A. Thompson


About 7 years ago my husband and I bought a lovely contemporary home that was built in the 1970’s. It was a great house, but it needed some help to bring it up to date. And more importantly, it needed to be made more handicap accessible for me as I am now confined to a wheelchair. Last year, we decided to redo our kitchen to give it a better look and to make it usable for me. We hired a local contracting company and the owner assured us that they had experience in renovating rooms for people in wheelchairs. After a lot of time and money, we had a beautiful kitchen, but very little in the way of accessibility. I realized that they did very little communicating with us, so we ended up not getting what we really wanted.

This year, we realized that we needed to renovate our master bathroom so that I could have a shower that I could roll right into and a sink I could roll right under. We were referred to Adèle Danziger as she is not only an interior designer, she is also a registered nurse. The first time I met Adele, I knew she was the person I wanted to work with. She took a lot of time to talk to us, not just about the bathroom, but about what we really wanted to do with the house so that it would be as accessible to me as possible. We made a wish list and, in doing so, we realized that there were parts of the house that we hardly used. For instance, I had not been upstairs for about 5 years. We decided to do a whole lot more than we originally envisioned.

Adèle helped me order a stair chair so I could get upstairs and have a bedroom and bathroom to use while the work was done downstairs. Adèle redesigned our small upstairs bathroom and made it entirely accessible for me. She is wonderful with picking colors and truly understood my vision for the house.

Most importantly, Adèle totally understands my physical needs and has gone to great trouble in researching products that are going to make my life so much easier. She and her crew are fantastic to work with and we are getting just what we wanted.